Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Fun Pant Up-Cycle Project

OK, OK...  I know that school just let out and that most of us are in full blown summer mode but I just had to share this super cute tutorial from the Coats and Clark Sewing Secrets blog for what I think would be a great way to extend the life on all those jeans that still fit in the waist but have turned into floods or even capris since you relegated them to storage for summer. 

It's never too early to get a head start on back to school sewing, right? 

Here's another idea...take those jeans with holes in the knees and make them cut-offs with this super cute ruffle detail on the bottom.  Seriously, there are some adorable creations to be had, here! 

Ruffled Pant Cuff Sewing Tutorial Coats & Clark

Photo courtesy of Coats and Clark - Sewing Secrets (www.coatsandclarksewingsecrets.com)

As soon as I wrap up some custom orders you know that I'll be posting some pics of my version of this!

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