Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden Planning

I know, a lot of my posts have nothing to do with clothing. Or sewing. Or even crafting but there are lots of lovely things out there that inspire me and here's one of them.

Vegetable Gardening.

Vegetable garden

I don't claim to have a green thumb and I tend to grow most of what I grow simply by luck more than anything but I love the practice of having a garden... Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, labeling the rows and putting up the netting for the peas to climb on. Watching what comes up; and what doesn't. Harvesting and watching my kids snack out of the garden all summer. I just love the experience of it.

Anyhow, I'm in the planning stage. Since my garden isn't in a greenhouse and I only have two 4x12 raised beds I really have to plan what I want and what goes where to maximize it.

Any other gardeners out there? What do you like to grow?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Long Time Favorite of Mine

I must apologize to those of you who thought that you were subscribing to a blog filled with sewing.  You'll get some of that but you'll also get a ride along on my random train of thought and what fuels that, the majority of time, is music.  So, I post about it a lot, I know.  Maybe too much.  Too bad. 

Anyhow, my musical tastes have certainly evoloved over my life (thank goodness).  One band that I've been a HUGE fan of for a long time is The Barenaked Ladies.  Believe it or not, I've never seen them in concert.  But, if I was to go see them in concert I think I would be reduced to a screaming hyperactive teenager.  Some people that I know might actually pay money to see this and if you are one of them...I'd love it if you could accompany me to a concert.  It is unbelieveable that I've never seen them live.  Absolutely unbelieveable.  I love their music that much. 

It brings me out of a funk.  It fuels my sleep deprived days.  It puts a sarcastic smirk on my face just when I need it and it teaches my kids like interesting, and pedestrian, snacks (Snack Time), that 7 8 (ate) 9, and crazy words like frenulum, and uvula, and keeps me sane when their CD repeats for the 70th time in my CD player.  Their music just never gets old. 

In fact, it is what is keeping me sewing well into this long night working on custom orders of Rainbow twirl dresses, Lodge twirl dresses and Orchard Peasant dresses. 

Here's a particular fave that I just can't get enough of right now.

Monday, February 20, 2012

An Ourfox Give Away!

Hi Everyone! 

There's a $20 Ourfox gift certificate give away going on over at the Hilary Mercer website...along with a veritible treasure trove of other amazing handmade items!  Don't miss it!  

Ants in My Pants...Treating you to another peek at my music playlist

I can't tell you how hard it is to sit still at a sewing machine when I have my ipod going.  Here..let me show you...

See, your are tapping your toes, right?  Perhaps a little more? 

Come on, indulge yourself...just dance like no one is watching! It really is good for the soul!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Tutorial you just have to check out! The New & Improved Rockin’ Baby Gown Tutorial with Hand Flaps!

I'm a big fan of up-cycling and reusing garments to make something new (and lovely)! Here's a tutorial from s favorite blogger of mine on how to reuse an old Adult T-Shirt into an infant gown. Can you say "amazing baby shower gift"?!

I know you've been holding on to those beloved concert T's just knowing that they'd be good for something... The New & Improved Rockin’ Baby Gown Tutorial with Hand Flaps! Tutorial is courtesy of Carrie at While you are there you should check out some of her other tutorials and clothing refashions. She's oh so talented and I often find myself reading her blog for inspiration!

Here's how mine turned out (please excuse the sub par photography)!

So, I know that this probably could have been a lot more hip had I used one of my dearly beloved ski or concert T's but I thought it best to use this brown Giro ski T-Shirt for my first attempt.  Believe me, this project was so easy that there will be plenty more of these made (as baby gifts, of course)!

If you are looking for a handmade, budget conscious, shower gift or have a baby on the way and are looking for functional clothing that suites your lifestyle then I would highly recommend this project!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Sweet Valentine Project

This is the first of two knit cowl dresses courtesy of Heidi and Finn that I'm making for my girls for Valentine's day.  They are going to be a surprise.  This is a size 4t.  I wanted them to have a rustic (handmade valentine) feel.  This one is for my youngest who prefers a more simple style (versus her sister who prefers something more fanciful).  Since this is the first time I've made this dress I think it came together rather well! 

Hope your Valentine's day is full of wonderful things!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Giveaway too good not to share!

Any of you in love with handcrafted, whimsical, out of the ordinary, handmade items...You have to check out this Give away over at the Release Me Blog!  Not only will you find this blog to be a fun, and inspiring, read...I guarentee you'll also love the blogs of the merchants giving away their amazing goods. 

I know that sharing this decreases my chances of winning (and I do want to win the showcased items...very bad) but this massive give away is too good not to share!  Seriously.  Go check it out!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where do you get your fabric?

This is, by far, the number one question I get asked.  The answer isn't a simple one...  I get it from wherever I can get it at the best value.  Seeing as how a lot of what I buy is resold as a finished garment I am extremely budget conscious.  So, here goes! 

My local stores:  Calico Country and Tangled Thread both in Lynden, WA are excellent stores with friendly faces, unique selections, and excellent resources. 

By far my favorite online retailer for fabric is! 

Free Shipping on orders $35+

You cannot be their prices, their clearance section is huge, they have fantastic sales, free shipping on orders totaling more than $35, frequently offer excellent coupons that can be combined with the free shipping offer, and, best of all, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee (which I've had to use and they honor it without question).  The have excellent US based customer service and offer online customer service chat (if you are in to that, which I am!).  Beware...if you are a fabric junkie be prepared to lose hours of your life in this online store.

One of the first places I bought fabric from that wasn't local was  This is a mother and daughter team who work together to fulfill orders.  The fabrics in this store are nothing short of eye candy.  They have a terrific sale section in their online store, offer whole and half yard cuts (as well as multi-yard cuts and fat quarters).  Every single item I've gotten from them has exceeded my expectations in all aspects (shipping, packaging, quality, and price).

Another favorite of mine is  This is a much smaller online retailer but Natasha offers some fabrics in unique bundles that you probably would have a hard time finding anywhere else.  She also has frequent sales (follow her on facebook to get the sales codes), fast shipping and the fabric is beautifully cut (ie, cut straight) and well wrapped.