Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

In the spirit of all things sparkly and fun about new years eve...I give you this lovely Treasury by Bubblegum Sass.  It summarizes everything that I love about New Years eve!

Until 2012....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eye Candy doesn't go to your hips

It's a very good thing the fabric I've been sewing with is so bright and cheery because these northwest days have been very dark and grey.  Thank goodness that the winter solstice is behind us and now we are getting more daylight every day.  I'm not one to complain about such things...I'm a native north westerner, after all.  I'm just stating the facts.  At any rate, if you need a touch of brightness I urge you to peruse the pics below. 

With that...I present to you a touch of some of my new listings and lovelies from the inter webs.

Hartford Dress

Penny Dress

I hope they brighten your day!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking for Fantastic Business Cards?

Are you looking for fantastic, modern, amazing business cards?  You don't want the same old, same old boring card that everyone else has?  You want your card to be a little more 'Green'?  Here's an excellent company that I can personally refer!  They've gotten me some fantastic cards as well as stickers that I use to seal my packages for shipment! 

The company is  Modern. Green. High quality.  YAY!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Featured Treasury!

Check out this green inspired treasury featuring Moi courtesy of Bottlehood on ETSY!

I, personally, dig their champagne bottle bangles. They'd be a terrific birthday, mother's day, or bachelorette party gift!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Take a Moment to Stop and Sip the Egg Nog!

Happy Holidays!  I hope you are all having a very merry and bright December!  For me, this holiday season has been moving along so fast I feel as though I've barely had time to stop and sip the egg nog!  This week I'm working on some spring dresses and corduroy ruffle jackets so my head is definitely not in wearables for this time of year when it comes to being creative.  To get myself back into winter fashion for the remaining holiday festivities I have put together this lovely winter wardrobe for women treasury. 

From it, you probably can get a good sense of my style or at least what I wish my style could be give the right things to choose from in my wardrobe!

Have a lovely holiday week, friends!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giving Back

There are two charities that tug at my heartstrings. I donate to them both throughout the year.  
The first is St. Jude's ( The idea that your child is facing a serious illness and possibly death is overwhelming. I absolutely cannot imagine being faced with something like this and am thankful that organizations, like this one, exist. The stories of children who are in the care of St. Jude's is heartbreaking. Knowing what the parents of these children are going through brings tears to my eyes.
Donate now

Seattle Children's Hospital ( is another and I support them for the same reason. The are the closest Children's Hospital to where I live and they do a lot of great things for families with children who are facing a medical crisis.
Make a Donation | Seattle Children's Hospital

I guess there are a lot of reasons why I donate to both of these organizations but the number one reason is...I've never had to use their services and for that I'm forever grateful.

Another particularly poignant charity is Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep ( This organization supports families facing the loss of a baby. Their testimonials are heart wrenching.
Donate - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

There are hundreds of worthwhile organizations out there that need support (time or money). They do good work in the world. Work which generally gone unacknowledged by the majority only because we've never had to use their services. Many of these organizations are suffering, just like everyone, with the state of the economy. Remember that where you choose to spend your counts. It counts because it has direct results and if enough people make conscious choices about where their dollars are going then THAT can change the world.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love these Awesome Folks

Sharing the Treasury Love!  Here are two of my recent ETSY treasuries featuring other sellers items that I've taken a shine to!  Holiday Shopping anyone?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Feeling Treasured

Thank you to these lovely Etsians for featuring my items in their amazing treasuries!

My Janie Appleseed Dress Size 9-12 months is in this Treasury:

My Woodland Woodcut dress size 6-8 is in this Treasury:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Please Pardon my absence!

It's been busy since Thanksgiving!  I've had a couple of custom orders, lots of work with my day job, holiday travel, parent teacher conferences, oh...I could bore you all to death if I kept on but I think you all get my drift.  Anyhow, I've been doing some inventory accounting, some light sewing and, mostly, some refocusing of my creative juices.  You know, reconnecting with why I love to have Ourfox. 

I've got a couple of super cute dress designs in the works.  Some peasant style, smocked, wild multiple fabric numbers that make my heart sing.  Hopefully I can post some photos and share them all with you soon.  I also recently purchased an adorable pattern for a ruffled cardigan from Heidi and Finn ( that I'm playing with.  I'm hoping to give my first try at this garment to a friend who's had a recent addition to her family.

By far the most exciting thing that has happened in the last two weeks?  I was approached by a buyer asking if I would like to be showcased on their site.  This is beyond any of my wildest dreams.  I'm serious.  I started this shop as a small business.  A way to share my hobby with the world (outside of my small community and wonderful local customers, that is).  I never dreamed that this might happen...  Anyhow, Ourfox isn't large enough just yet to be able to accept such a wonderful, flattering, exciting, stupendous, amazing offer but that doesn't mean I can't get there. 

Have any of you gone through these types of growing pains?  Any tips or suggestions that you wish you would have known in growing your business?

Anyhow, thanks, faithful followers, for your support.  I have so much to be thankful for these days. 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday!

It's my first year being on the entrepreneur end of the holiday season and I'm so excited to see how things go.  I've been behind the cash register more times then I can count.  I've been in customer service for so many years it would make your head spin (or maybe not). 

In honor of this gift buying season and my pledge I give you some awesome gift ideas for your tight holiday budget! A little something for everyone on your list plus the added warm fuzzies that you are directly supporting the people who created the item you are purchasing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness and Gratitude

I was trying to list, in my head, in the shower, the other morning all of the things I'm grateful for.  This isn't a once a year exercise -  I try to do it quite regularly- but I have to admit I was thinking of what I might say I was thankful for this year.  Would it be the same as last year? 

Every year I'm thankful for my girls, that's a given and it's at the top of my list.  My Husband who is a true partner.  My family who's love I feel from near and far.  My day job and my night hobby that sustains our household and provides a creative outlet.  A sturdy roof over my head, a working furnace, food in the cupboard...  Every day that I wake up.  My true friends.  My customers and well wishers.  This is a mouthful to say at the Thanksgiving table. 

Do you have a fun tradition of sharing these on the holiday?  Are you neurotic like me and try to think of just how you are going to say these things that are in your heart?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute as a....well, Button!

I've been making covered buttons!  This is a brand new discovery for me and I'm so excited about it.  I'll be using my fabric scrap stash to create quite a few sets of fabric button hair accessories, book marks, and covered buttons for my garments!  Here's a sneek peak:

Would love to hear what you think!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Motivation...aka getting off my butt

So, this post has nothing to do about clothing, textiles, fun accessories or sewing notions...  It's all about getting outside.  Getting fresh air, being fit and healthy.  I do enjoy running on occasion.  I love to dance.  I cannot stand exercise without music (which is probably why I find most yoga exceedingly boring).  My exercise soundtracks are like MSG is to food.  Probably not good for the body (played as such decibels) but they MAKE the experience.

I must confess...  For the past 3 (OK, maybe 4) months I haven't gotten off my patootie for more than a short walk.  Don't get me wrong...I'm charging up and down our stairs 20 times a day, vacuuming, mopping, carrying children and groceries so I do get varied forms of exercise but it's not any exercise for the sake of stress relief or raising one's heart rate.  I just haven't had the motivation.

Tonight I decided to download some new music and suddenly I'm boogieing around the office.  I suddenly feel like going for a run.  I feel young.  and happy.  and...something else that I just can't put my finger on.  

I hope this song does the same for you since it's the one that I JUST CAN'T GET OUT OF MY HEAD!  Even if it doesn't have you wanting to get out and move your body then perhaps it just makes you tap your toes.  My suggestion?  CRANK it and shake your booty like no one's watching (or like you are performing...if that's your thing).  Instant smiley face guarenteed.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Comfort...and maybe Joy?

Here's my latest Treasury on ETSY:

Can you guess what I've been up to?  The stomach flu has been making it's way around our house.  BLEH.  I'm so thankful that I'm back on the mend because my oldest is now stricken.  In honor of my recovery from this awful bug I think I'm going to go have a cup of tea.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A truckload of crazies

This is how I feel when I take my girls anywhere and I consider them to be very good natured and well behaved (for a 6 and 2 year old well behaved is a relative term).  I try my absolute best to A) Get wherever we are going early. B) Get in, then get out. C) Have some sort of bribe at the end of our outing. D) Keep a sense of humor. I don't even bat an eyelash anymore when my 2.5 year old licks the shopping cart.  My standard response comes tumbling out -- "Get that out of your mouth.  That's yuck." 

Today, the errands were (sort of) short...Target then a local store called the paper zone.  The bribery?  A trip to our local kid fave The Jump Around Fun Zone -- which is on the way home. 

We made it through the errands and pulled into the parking lot of the fun zone.  We walked in the door and I, as always, was surrounded by MY PEOPLE.  People looking to wear their kids out.  Parents cashing in their bribe chip for a kid's job well done.  It was a great day to go...No runny noses or barking coughs, not too crowded.  Parents were chatting over coffee, browsing the inter webs on their laptops, catching up on phone calls, or reading books.  The kids were bouncing off of...well...everything.  But that's what this place is great for.  It's filled with bouncy houses.  It sounds like the asylum pulled up with a truckload of crazies but I don't even hear it.  I'm relieved we crossed a couple of errands off of our list, I have a coffee in hand, and doing some inter web browsing of my own...just taking a few minutes to catch my breath before we head home for the afternoon. 

The real pay-off of this stop is at bed time.  Two tired kids, asking to be tucked in. 

Sweet success.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Truckload of Treasuries!

I'm so delighted to present some of the recent, fall themed, treasuries that I've been featured in on ETSY!  If you find anything that tickles your fancy you can find all of these lovelies, and more, all created with love, by hand, on!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's not's me.

I remember struggling so much with self doubt, self image, and fitting in in my teenage years.  Something has happened since those times.  I don't know if this is what comes with maturity or if it's something else but, for the most part, I've stopped trying to be accepted.  Somewhere along the way I just realized it's easier to be me (thank goodness!). 

It breaks my heart when I see amazing young ladies falling into those same awful social traps and drama that used to snag me.  If I could go back to myself 20 years ago I would give me the words in this song:

Don't get me wrong, I still occationally so battle with self doubt but the voice of doubt is a smaller one.  It whispers instead of shouting.  I realize the the opinion I have of myself and the opinions of those I love really matter.  If you are a good person, who gives it their best effort at every turn (and who sometimes falls flat on their face but get's back up) despite doubt and worries, everything else just falls into place.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A quote has been on my mind lately.  "Be kind.   Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  This quote has been attributed to two different people, depending on where you do your research (T.H. Thompson or John Watson, if you are interested). 

It puts so much into perspective, doesn't it? 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Follow the Rainbow

I've been thinking of working more with felt lately.  A lot.  Maybe it's because it's winter and wool felt is warm or maybe it's because I've been soooo inspired by these beauties!
Not only is felt Eco-friendly but it's sturdy, forgiving to work with (this is a huge plus, for me), versatile, and comes in a rainbow of colors.  I almost sound like the Lucky Charms leprechaun. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Scarf Weather

If you are anything like me when you hear the words Scarf Weather you immediately hear a chorus singing "It's the most Wonderful time of the year...!"  I'm a certified scarf geek.  I think I have even gotten away with wearing them in the dead heat of summer, but I do live in the Northwest so the Dead Heat of summer is usually somewhere around 78 degrees.

In honor of "Scarf Weather", and scarf lovers everywhere, I present to you my current favorites from around the web:  

Braided Cowl
Scarf by RainydayNYC
So, are you saying to yourself "...and that's where she lost me." or are you like me sitting here drooling over these gorgeous, and functional, winter must-haves?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

**Almost** Technology Challenged

I've always known that there's more I don't know then what I do know.  The challenge is...I know just enough about quite a number of things to be dangerous.  Let me explain...

I've assembled enough cribs, book cases, and toys to almost never read the directions anymore.  This has gotten me into trouble more than once when I "complete" my assembly only to find there are left over pieces.

After assisting a high  school boyfriend with countless hours of car repair I know enough about the innerworkings of a 1968 Chevy Pickup to lift the hood on my much newer (and more electronics based) car when it's having engine trouble and start "troubleshooting".

I've solved enough of my own computer problems to understand, at the most basic levels, how things work but can I figure out for the life of me, how to embed a photo into my blog from another website (all authorized and with permission, of course)?  No. 

I did just figure out how to post a YouTube video, though, which was a very exciting moment.  In honor of this achievement I give you a song that has frequently been stuck in my head over the last week:

Don't hold it against me...I listen to the Kids only music channel on cable a lot.  You have to admit (or maybe you don't) this song is pretty great, huh?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For those of you who know my family you will understand why these photos are so hilarious!  For those of you whom we have never had the pleasure of meeting in person...  They look JUST like the members of our family (well, in personality anyway)! 

Top row: Drew and Rachel
Bottom Row: Gretchen and Alexandra

Saturday, October 29, 2011

So Pretty!

Some new dresses I just finished and posted to my ETSY shop!  You lucky blog followers get a first peek!  I just HAD to share...  They both turned out SO fantastic!

I'm thinking of calling this style the 'In the Stacks' dress.  Aren't the colors amazing??  The main body fabric is a lightweight corduroy. 

 The super cute peacock inspired fabric is perfect for a tailored bib complete with handmade coordinating fabric ruffle and vintage inspired buttons!
 This dress is over the top adorable.  It's a size 2t-3t and has two layers of serged hem ruffles for detail.  It's modern, European, twirly, ruffly, bright and festive.  Both of my girls went nuts for it.  Too bad it's too small for both of them! 
 The Matryoshka doll applique...

 and...from another angle...  Please forgive my shadow clouding the lower portion of the photo.
 I just love it when a project comes together!

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Hooked" on Hats

In a previous post I mentioned that I've been crocheting hats in the evenings...  My goal has been a hat an evening and so far I've been pretty good about meeting this goal, which, I must say, I'm very proud of.  Crocheting is not new to me.  Over the years I've gifted many a blanket or hat to friends and family but lately I've gone a little hat crazy. 

My inspiration to start crocheting in earnest, again, was sparked by a cute pattern on ETSY by Kandice O. of SweetKiwiCrochet ( for Sock Monkey and Owl hats.  I made the owl and it turned out super cute!

Lately, I've been into to some more traditional, Nordic styled, 100% super soft (and washable) wool hats for Glacier Ski Shop (on Hwy 542 in Glacier, WA). 

Cute, huh?  I'm SO inspired by this super bright and fun wool yarn I've been working with.  I haven't listed any of these on ETSY...yet but I will have some of them at my craft fair on Saturday, 11/12 from 10-4 at the Willows on Squalicum Parkway (3115 Squalicum Parkway Bellingham, WA 98225) and you can pick them up at Glacier Ski Shop!  All of the hats you see are for children (sizes 1-2 years and 2-4 years). 
Be on the lookout, friends and family, with the holidays right around the corner I don't think you've seen the last of my crocheted gifts!  I'm sure you won't mind :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ready for the Holidays?

I've got big plans for the fast approaching holidays!  Matching Mother/Daughter kitchy aprons, some snazzy little ties and bow ties in modern and whimsical prints, some twirly long sleeve peasant style dresses,  Apron dresses, coordinating outfits, and creative holiday gift wrapping (ie reusable fabric bags for holiday wrapping). 

I'm so excited about getting these projects completed, and posted in my ETSY site!  I'll be dropping new inventory by Bumblebees (in Lynden on 3rd st) pretty regularly so if you want to check out some of these fun things head on by there.  They are mostly carrying items in smaller sizes (up to 2t).

If you are interested in larger sizes then head on by my ETSY shop (  I've been busy posting things there.  Please don't limit yourselves to what I've got in stock!  I welcome custom orders! 

I'll also be doing an American Cancer Society/Relay for life fundraiser craft fair at The Willows in Bellingham, WA on 11/12 from 10am-4pm.  I hope to have a ton of new fall and winter items in various sizes!  Spread the word!  Invite your friends! 

So, am I ready?  Not quite...but I've got BIG plans!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Daydream Believer

I've been cutting patterns like a mad woman.  Sewing like a fiend in the evening hours.  Drafting new patterns, jotting down new ideas, crocheting hats for a local ski shop, and sewing some coordinating clothing to consign at a local children's boutique.  Did I mention I also work full time at my "day" job? 

Oh, make so mistake, I'm not complaining.  I live a blessed life.  A full life but blessed none the less. 

Lately, I've been daydreaming about getting away for a crafting retreat.  A retreat full of wide open spaces to cut patterns, rooms full of creative people with a similar focus, endless cups of hot tea, my iPod blasting my favorite tunes.  A weekend all to myself to sew, sew, sew with no housework, hungry children, conference calls, set bet times, alarm clocks....  This is my daydream.  I used to dream of spa retreats, days shopping in the city or at the local farmers market, a tropical vacation.  Funny how daydreams shift as our priorities in life change.  I don't miss those exotic, spa filled, daydreams at all. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creativity Explosion!

I think today will be just that.  It's raining here in the my small Northwest home.  It's grey.  It's dark.  It's dreary.  The kids are climbing the walls already (and it's only 8am).  Maybe I'll even have time to sew some...write some blog some social networking...check my etsy site...probably not. 

So here we are...a rainy October Saturday.  Nothing makes time fly by, and the whining disappear faster, at our house then finger paints or play dough.  Today, when given the option, the kids chose finger painting. 

This activity always starts the same way...we get out the rolls of paper and tape them to the floor in the kitchen.  Then we get out the finger paints and go crazy.  There are only a couple of rules 1) you cannot leave the kitchen with finger paint on you (hey, I have to draw the line somewhere) and 2) you can paint yourself and the paper but you can't paint the appliances, floor, or walls.  It's a pretty common occurrence that at the end of our finger painting adventure I end up giving one or both kids a bath in the kitchen sink.  As the kids have gotten older we've started experimenting in other mediums like glue, fabric scraps, beads and feathers. 

We use our creations for wrapping paper and to wall paper our playroom.  I'm serious.  Here's a shot of one of the walls in our playroom...

For some reason we never finger paint in the Summer; when it seems ideal to get out the paints (outside of course) make a huge mess then get out the hose for an easy clean up.  Note to self...we must try finger painting next Summer. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You say it's your birthday.....

Today is my birthday.  I'm excited about my birthday every year.  I don't dread it. I don't deny it.  I don't personally make a big deal out of it but, if someone else does make a big deal out of it I do love to celebrate it!

For those of you squeamish about raw shellfish please skip to the next paragraph...  My fave way to celebrate?  A dozen Kumomoto raw oysters and a glass of wine!  This may sound strange, odd, unappealing, and for some even revolting but, for me, it's a delicious tradition.  A handmade cake loaded with lemon butter cream frosting doesn't hurt either. 

In honor of said birthday I have created my ETSY wish list courtesy of some lovely ETSY artisans!
Click here to go to 'My October Birthday Wish' Treasury!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ourfox...out on the town

It seems we are always on the move, my family and I.  Not literally moving our home but out and about on the town, constantly.  Nothing in particular takes us out...just your average errand running, etc, but my kids LOVE to wear the clothes I've made them and proudly tell everyone who compliments them "My mom made it for me!"


Part of what really brings the clothing to life is the children wearing them (it's undeniable).  They are so full of live and laughter.  I like to think that the things I make for them embrace their love for life and that is why we get so many compliments.  Maybe it's just the cute, and uber silly, girls wearing things that make them feel good.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Frist Craft Fair!

I now have one craft fair under my belt.  I'm relieved it's over but looking forward to what's next.  Hopefully there are many, many, more to come. 

I went in with high hopes but not high expectations.  I'm new to this game, after all, and in this tight knit community I live in it takes awhile for folks around town to get to know who you are. 

Some great intel for next time:
  • Bring a chair.
  • Bring a full length mirror
  • Buy bigger bags
  • A cash box would work better than a bank bag for handling transactions
  • I need more bins for displays and maybe a bigger table
What observations I came away with...
I learned what people were really attracted to...and what they weren't.  People were more drawn to my booth when I was crocheting vs sitting there doing nothing.  I also learned what a wonderful feeling it is when someone comes over and finds THAT ONE THING.  That thing they have to take perfect...just right.  You know it when you see their face light up.  This goes for kids and adults.  These moments made my night.

I don't have any pics of the booth I can share with you (for some reason...taking a pic of the booth totally slipped my mind) but I PROMISE I'll have something for you from my next fair.

So, now I'm planning for round 2 in Fairhaven on 11/13 at The Willows on Fairhaven Parkway.  I'll be there all day, folks!  It's a Relay for Life fundraiser (they are getting an early start). 

Friday, October 14, 2011

If you were 2 again...

I can't help but think back, when I look at my children, about how much fun it would be to be a kid again.  Here are some examples of their creativity that makes me want to laugh out loud (but also want to join in the fun):

Sporting a 'stach.

Is it hereditary, you ask?  The answer is a a resounding yes.  Who doesn't love an overstocked dress up bin to exercise their inherent sense of whimsy and fashion?  The photos of me participating in said dress up events are filed away for posterity, thank goodness.  While I do love to play dress up I can definitely say I can't pull it off nearly as well as my girls can.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inspiration...and a cozy hideout

Two things very critical to creation!

Let's talk inspiration...I'm currently in love with anything Scandinavian (check out the peasant dress in a modern red floral pattern with teal ruffles, Scandinavian floral print grosgrain ribbon and Russian doll applique), vintage inspired (the yellow peasant tunic with vintage green buttons and embroidered tree patch) and anything that combines two different genres into something fabulously unique (the modern styled peasant dress combined with bohemian fabrics).  I could go on and on all day... 

Please excuse the poorly lit photographs...even with auxiliary lighting I'm realizing it's impossible to get vibrant photos during these gloomy Northwest fall days.

Another thing critical to creation?  Time.  I'm lacking in this element (severely). 

I bet you can't wait to see where I churn out all of these fabulous, inspired, garments!  Well, wait no longer...Here's my cozy little sewing nook.  I'll bet you are sew jealous, am I right?

Believe it or not...I can easily lose hours of my life here.  Everything is in arms reach, all of my inspirations are surrounding me, and my sewing light is a source of heat (which is particularly nice during said gloomy Northwest days).  Please note the lovely zebra striping on my Singer courtesy of Allie, my chief decorator and resident 2 year old.

What gets your creativity flowing?  Do you have a cozy hideout where you can go crazy (and lose hours of your life) doing something you love to do?

Monday, October 10, 2011

You say you want a blog...

Well, you know, we all want to change the world...

Now that you are humming along with me please allow me to introduce myself! 

First of all, I'm a first time blogger.  I hoping that what I lack in terms of blogging skills I can make up for in charm and wit. 

What I am practiced at is sewing, crocheting, mothering (aka refereeing, doctoring, nurturing, playing, scolding, hand holding and unconditional loving), living a full live and working full time in telecommunications. 

My heart lies in creating.  So, here I am, taking babysteps that will hopefully turn into a full blown leap into the world of self-employment.  Wish me luck! 

In the meantime, be on the lookout for my new creations which I will post regularly to this blog as well as my ETSY site (shameless plug: