Monday, January 16, 2012

A foodie who loves Foodzie

I love food.  All kinds of food and if you do too then you'll, hopefully, find this as lovely as I did!  To me, this may have been the BEST discovery/idea of 2011.  I wish I would have thought of it.  Yes, I'm that excited about it.  What is it, you ask?

What it is...a gourmet, small batch, artisan made food subscription box. OK, that probably sounded weird but follow me...  This company sources all of those little amazing cheese makers, salami crafters, confectionery wizards, Beef Jerky magicians, and they package them up into a tidy, and jam packed box and send them to you once a month.

My first box was filled with three different kinds of Beef Jerky all from very small producers who only use pasture grazed hormone/antibiotic free beef.  DELISH.  Seriously, it didn't last long.

My second box was filled with all of these amazing sweets that were perfectly packaged for stocking stuffing...Organic Blueberry Asci gummy bears, Ginger Sesame Carmel popcorn, real honest to goodness old fashioned butterscotch hard candy, Sea Salt Caramels made with Honey, Sun butter nut free/gluten free confections (sunflower butter cups, dark chocolate mint cups, Carmel cups, etc), Dark Chocolate Almond Florentines, Almond Brittle....  I didn't tell anyone when this box arrived and, while i had good intentions, I didn't give any of it away at Christmas in stockings.  I'm hording it.  If you would have gotten this box you'd totally understand.

The most intriguing box?  The bacon and bourbon box...positively jam packed with, well, bacon jam to name one item.  And Bourbon goodies too.  Yum.  Hopefully they send me that box. 

I can either go in and pick what box I want them to send to me from their available selections or I can be surprised and have them pick a box for me.  I love the element of surprise.

 The greatest part of all?  You are supporting small up and coming food artisans, bakers, ranchers, etc and you get to try new things that you may not be able to easily get in your area...all without leaving your home.  Each package includes info on where you can buy more of anything in the box should you be so inclined.


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