Wednesday, November 2, 2011

**Almost** Technology Challenged

I've always known that there's more I don't know then what I do know.  The challenge is...I know just enough about quite a number of things to be dangerous.  Let me explain...

I've assembled enough cribs, book cases, and toys to almost never read the directions anymore.  This has gotten me into trouble more than once when I "complete" my assembly only to find there are left over pieces.

After assisting a high  school boyfriend with countless hours of car repair I know enough about the innerworkings of a 1968 Chevy Pickup to lift the hood on my much newer (and more electronics based) car when it's having engine trouble and start "troubleshooting".

I've solved enough of my own computer problems to understand, at the most basic levels, how things work but can I figure out for the life of me, how to embed a photo into my blog from another website (all authorized and with permission, of course)?  No. 

I did just figure out how to post a YouTube video, though, which was a very exciting moment.  In honor of this achievement I give you a song that has frequently been stuck in my head over the last week:

Don't hold it against me...I listen to the Kids only music channel on cable a lot.  You have to admit (or maybe you don't) this song is pretty great, huh?


  1. I haven't yet posted a youtube video succesfully...But I haven't spent too long attempting, either! Great video. =)
    new follower from The Etsy Revolution team

  2. Waa This is one of my favorite song lately :)
    Your girls are fabulous same as your garments. I just love anything with flowers :) Xo Rachel~ "ER Eeam"

  3. Thank you both so much! Kim, it's easier than I thought it would be...once I sat down and read the directions!