Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness and Gratitude

I was trying to list, in my head, in the shower, the other morning all of the things I'm grateful for.  This isn't a once a year exercise -  I try to do it quite regularly- but I have to admit I was thinking of what I might say I was thankful for this year.  Would it be the same as last year? 

Every year I'm thankful for my girls, that's a given and it's at the top of my list.  My Husband who is a true partner.  My family who's love I feel from near and far.  My day job and my night hobby that sustains our household and provides a creative outlet.  A sturdy roof over my head, a working furnace, food in the cupboard...  Every day that I wake up.  My true friends.  My customers and well wishers.  This is a mouthful to say at the Thanksgiving table. 

Do you have a fun tradition of sharing these on the holiday?  Are you neurotic like me and try to think of just how you are going to say these things that are in your heart?

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