Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's not's me.

I remember struggling so much with self doubt, self image, and fitting in in my teenage years.  Something has happened since those times.  I don't know if this is what comes with maturity or if it's something else but, for the most part, I've stopped trying to be accepted.  Somewhere along the way I just realized it's easier to be me (thank goodness!). 

It breaks my heart when I see amazing young ladies falling into those same awful social traps and drama that used to snag me.  If I could go back to myself 20 years ago I would give me the words in this song:

Don't get me wrong, I still occationally so battle with self doubt but the voice of doubt is a smaller one.  It whispers instead of shouting.  I realize the the opinion I have of myself and the opinions of those I love really matter.  If you are a good person, who gives it their best effort at every turn (and who sometimes falls flat on their face but get's back up) despite doubt and worries, everything else just falls into place.

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