Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creativity Explosion!

I think today will be just that.  It's raining here in the my small Northwest home.  It's grey.  It's dark.  It's dreary.  The kids are climbing the walls already (and it's only 8am).  Maybe I'll even have time to sew some...write some blog some social networking...check my etsy site...probably not. 

So here we are...a rainy October Saturday.  Nothing makes time fly by, and the whining disappear faster, at our house then finger paints or play dough.  Today, when given the option, the kids chose finger painting. 

This activity always starts the same way...we get out the rolls of paper and tape them to the floor in the kitchen.  Then we get out the finger paints and go crazy.  There are only a couple of rules 1) you cannot leave the kitchen with finger paint on you (hey, I have to draw the line somewhere) and 2) you can paint yourself and the paper but you can't paint the appliances, floor, or walls.  It's a pretty common occurrence that at the end of our finger painting adventure I end up giving one or both kids a bath in the kitchen sink.  As the kids have gotten older we've started experimenting in other mediums like glue, fabric scraps, beads and feathers. 

We use our creations for wrapping paper and to wall paper our playroom.  I'm serious.  Here's a shot of one of the walls in our playroom...

For some reason we never finger paint in the Summer; when it seems ideal to get out the paints (outside of course) make a huge mess then get out the hose for an easy clean up.  Note to self...we must try finger painting next Summer. 

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