Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You say it's your birthday.....

Today is my birthday.  I'm excited about my birthday every year.  I don't dread it. I don't deny it.  I don't personally make a big deal out of it but, if someone else does make a big deal out of it I do love to celebrate it!

For those of you squeamish about raw shellfish please skip to the next paragraph...  My fave way to celebrate?  A dozen Kumomoto raw oysters and a glass of wine!  This may sound strange, odd, unappealing, and for some even revolting but, for me, it's a delicious tradition.  A handmade cake loaded with lemon butter cream frosting doesn't hurt either. 

In honor of said birthday I have created my ETSY wish list courtesy of some lovely ETSY artisans!
Click here to go to 'My October Birthday Wish' Treasury!

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