Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inspiration...and a cozy hideout

Two things very critical to creation!

Let's talk inspiration...I'm currently in love with anything Scandinavian (check out the peasant dress in a modern red floral pattern with teal ruffles, Scandinavian floral print grosgrain ribbon and Russian doll applique), vintage inspired (the yellow peasant tunic with vintage green buttons and embroidered tree patch) and anything that combines two different genres into something fabulously unique (the modern styled peasant dress combined with bohemian fabrics).  I could go on and on all day... 

Please excuse the poorly lit photographs...even with auxiliary lighting I'm realizing it's impossible to get vibrant photos during these gloomy Northwest fall days.

Another thing critical to creation?  Time.  I'm lacking in this element (severely). 

I bet you can't wait to see where I churn out all of these fabulous, inspired, garments!  Well, wait no longer...Here's my cozy little sewing nook.  I'll bet you are sew jealous, am I right?

Believe it or not...I can easily lose hours of my life here.  Everything is in arms reach, all of my inspirations are surrounding me, and my sewing light is a source of heat (which is particularly nice during said gloomy Northwest days).  Please note the lovely zebra striping on my Singer courtesy of Allie, my chief decorator and resident 2 year old.

What gets your creativity flowing?  Do you have a cozy hideout where you can go crazy (and lose hours of your life) doing something you love to do?

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