Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Frist Craft Fair!

I now have one craft fair under my belt.  I'm relieved it's over but looking forward to what's next.  Hopefully there are many, many, more to come. 

I went in with high hopes but not high expectations.  I'm new to this game, after all, and in this tight knit community I live in it takes awhile for folks around town to get to know who you are. 

Some great intel for next time:
  • Bring a chair.
  • Bring a full length mirror
  • Buy bigger bags
  • A cash box would work better than a bank bag for handling transactions
  • I need more bins for displays and maybe a bigger table
What observations I came away with...
I learned what people were really attracted to...and what they weren't.  People were more drawn to my booth when I was crocheting vs sitting there doing nothing.  I also learned what a wonderful feeling it is when someone comes over and finds THAT ONE THING.  That thing they have to take perfect...just right.  You know it when you see their face light up.  This goes for kids and adults.  These moments made my night.

I don't have any pics of the booth I can share with you (for some reason...taking a pic of the booth totally slipped my mind) but I PROMISE I'll have something for you from my next fair.

So, now I'm planning for round 2 in Fairhaven on 11/13 at The Willows on Fairhaven Parkway.  I'll be there all day, folks!  It's a Relay for Life fundraiser (they are getting an early start). 

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